Synthetic Diamond Screener II (SDS II)


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Synthetic Diamond Screener II (SDS II)

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The SDS II uses advanced technology that measures a diamond’s UV light transmittance ability. It is a portable desktop diamond verification instrument suitable for both loose and mounted stones, including melees as small as 0.02ct. Easy to use and battery-operated,  its indicator light bars give a blue light to indicate that the stone is a natural diamond and a red light to indicate a Type IIa diamond. The device gives clear and accurate results within two seconds.



• Advanced technology that measures a diamond’s UV light transmittance ability

• 2 colour coded (blue/red) indicator light bars to give a low or high reading of UV light absorption with blue light indicating Natural Diamond and red light indicating Type IIa Diamond

• Instantaneous clear results within 2 seconds

• Blue light to illuminate the testing pad

• A 5mm metal bar to conveniently raise the test probe for successive testing on loose stones

• Test button will blink in red to alert if the device is unable to detect any stones on the photo-detector

• Auto shutdown of interior LED light source for safe testing when lid of device is open or when Start Test button is not activated

• Battery-operated by 4 AAA alkaline batteries

• USB port for alternative power source and connectivity

• Exterior base foam padding to ensure non-slip sturdiness and prevent scratches to surfaces

• Low battery indicator

• Energy-saving auto power-off of device after 10 minutes without operation

• Lightweight and portable


Dimensions: L13X W10X H:6,5

Weight(Kg): 210 grammes