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  • TANITA 1479V professional digital mini scale has an electrostatic capacitance load cell, which makes this super pocket-sized scale feather-touch sensitive.  Dimensions: 3x6.1x0.6cm Net weight: 5.9 oz LCD display: 4 digit LCD display 0.4 high Power: 3x LR44 watch batteries (included)

    73,50 €
  • TANITA 1479J2 digital mini scale with 0.01 gram division. This highly accurate scale features a blue backlist display for easy visibility, calibration and tare buttons and 6 different modes of measurement: gram, ounce, carat, troy ounce, penny, grain.  Measure with professionnal accuracy of 0.01 gram and a capacity of 200 grams.

    75,00 €
  • TANITA 1475T slim digital mini scale.  Extra slim-line design, with tare weight function and clear 4 digit LCD display, 1200g or 42 oz. Dimensions: 5.7x3.6x0.7cm Net weight: 6.6 oz LCD display: 4 digit LCD display 0.4 high Power: 3 xLR44 watch batteries (included)

    93,00 €
  • TANITA KP-400 professional digital scale features an oversize, thin platform and strain gauge weighing mechanism. Dimensions: 5.1x7.1x0.5cm Net weight: 9.5 oz LCD display: 4 digit LCD display 0.5 high Power: 2x CR2032

    105,00 €
  • TANITA 1230 professional mini diamond scale The 1230 no longer needs to be calibrated each time the scale shut off. Features include tare/weigh function , auto power, low battery indicator, weight mode selection and 5 digit LCD. Dimensions: 6.2x3.3x1.1cm Net weight: 8.1 oz LCD display: 5 digit LCD display 0.5 high Power: 4xAAA batteries

    260,00 €
  • TANGENT KP-104, with weighing in at only 3.5 oz, this stylish and compact digital pocket scale is one of the most lightweight in its industry. The KP-104 delivers outstanding performance, yet its functional design and convenient size is deal to take anywhere. Dimensions: 5.4x2.4x0.8cm Net weight: 3.5 oz LCD display: 4 digit LCD display Power: 2x CR2032...

    26,00 €
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items